We provide your family with the benefits of a small-holding so that you can live differently while continuing to do what you love.

Bring your family closer to nature

Access the most nutritious food

Become more self-sufficient

Join a like-minded community

Regenerate and ecosystem

Contribute to a better food system

Provide food security for your family

A farm members club for families.

Imagine having all the benefits of owning a small-holding without having to run one.


Bring your family closer to nature.

Spend time on the farm with your children and see your food grow, or even get your hands dirty by participating in the growing.


Access the most nutritious food.

Know exactly how your food is grown and get your hands on some obscure nutritional bombs like raw milk, kefir, raw honey, bone broth, sauerkraut etc.


Become more self-sufficient.

Get as much of your weekly food from the farm as possible. We╩╝re talking fresh produce, eggs, raw milk, grass fed meat, spring water, etc.


Join a like-minded community.

Meet with other like-minded families with children. Imagine having a group of friends to hang on a beautiful farm with. Dreamy, we know.


Regnerate an ecosystem.

Contribute to a project that puts the environment and biodiversity first. Everything on the farm is designed to be part of a beneficial ecosystem.


Contribute to a better food system.

Consume local and seasonal food all grown and raised on our farm (bye bye tomatoes flown all the way from Spain in the winter).


Provide food security for your family.

Get the insurance of access to quality food year round and peace of mind should the shizzy hit the fizzy (aka supply chain break down). Yep, just that.

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